imagine shawn dancing by himself in his room
I bet he does that frequently

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5 Seconds of Summer self-titled album: Target Exclusive Bonus Tracks.
[names of songs & favorite verses]
pictures are not mine. i only edited them

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5SOS ‘chilling.’

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18 years and kind no longer

He cried to god but can’t get stronger

Reaching out both his hands to hold to

Such a pretty smile he can’t take

Fighting suns in such a small town

“Oh god why can’t you free me somehow?!”

Suddenly every sigh I tried to breathe was stopping now

Cry to god, a boy, no stronger

And in those days he stood, no falter

A summer smile I won’t remember

No, it stays the same forever

“Guess I died. And I’m so sorry”

Goodbye’s too sad and way too lonely

Oh god, no, don’t you say that you’re leaving

Oh no don’t leave me!

I finally know those hazy figures

Were just looking for this “me””

Lost Time Memory/ロスタイムメモリー : (x) (English Lyrics (c) JubyPhonic)

Animated version: (x)

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